* Engine running problems?
* Diesel heater playing up?
* Loss of power?
* Decreased fuel economy?

These can all be signs of diesel contamination.


I know many boaters are wondering what the point is of using our diesel polishing service! That is understandable. If you've never had a problem with diesel bug then there is no point in paying to get your tank cleaned, or is there?

We visited one customer who has never had running problems associated with poor diesel quality. They have owned the boat from new and always keep the diesel tank topped up, while using one of the fuel additives recommended for removing water. They spend a substantial amount of time out cruising every year, so don't have diesel that has been stored for a long period of time, but just thought they would get the tank cleaned as a peace of mind exercise.

In the three hours we spent there, we removed enough debris to completely block the filter twice in the first filtering phase. In the second filtering phase, where we use the water block filter, we had to unblock the primary filter once more and use two water block cartridges. As you can imagine we were all quite surprised by this! After all, they had done everything that is recommended to keep condensation to the minimum.

I now know that they will enjoy many more years of trouble-free happy cruising.

Another problem we are frequently seeing, is with diesel fired heating systems. These seem to be more easily affected by the build up of diesel bug in the fuel. We have been to boats where the diesel is supplied to both the engine and the heating from one tank, yet only the heating has shown problems.

Should you find that you need your diesel tank emptying, for whatever reason, we can carry this out. Obviously, depending on the reason and quantity involved, prices will vary, but please...


We cover the entire UK inland waterways system.

Please contact us for a quote or to ask any questions.

What our clients say:

Dear Mark and Justina

Just to thank you for sorting out our diesel trouble.  When you filtered the diesel in our tank we realised how much dirt and, more importantly, water was still in our fuel after we had tried to clean the tank by pumping it out ourselves.  Your service was excellent and your knowledgeable advice should keep us cruising in future without the nightmare of engine failure we experienced this summer.

Thank you both.

Sue and Roger Brown
NB Dunham Dawdler

There are many boats with large amounts of water in their fuel. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of these cases, the engines have stopped working altogether!

Remember, prevention is better and often cheaper than the cure!

We will stamp your service book or maintenance log, to show you have had your tank cleaned.

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